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29 July 2007 @ 02:13 pm
If you spot something you have made that I have used without crediting you in this post, please comment to this post and it will be fixed.

cap_it   (Misc.)
dj_capslock   (Misc.)
heidi_fan   (Heidi Montag)
mercurygrrl   (H&A episodes for capping)

www.jodiesweetin.net (Jodie Sweetin)
www.homeandawaycentral.com (H&A)
www.homeandaway01.bynes-online.net (H&A)
www.stockvault.net (Stock)
www.gettyimages.com (Stock)
www.sxc.hu (Stock)
www.tripod.com (Stock)

Textures, brushes and patterns
toybirds   (Textures, and a few caps)
lookslikerain @ deviantart
Sanami276 @ deviantart

Quotes and lyrics
www.quotationspage.com (Famous quotes)
www.desperatehousewives.ahaava.com (Desperate Housewives)
www.imdb.com (TV and movie)
www.tv.com (TV)
www.letssingit.com (Songs)